Over 45,000 women reached

The professionals we have trained to date estimate that they see an average of 15 women a year with unintended pregnancies. Having now trained over 3,000 professionals, this means over 45,000 can now be met with the information and referrals for care they need.


more training participants


more trainings

After training, 2 out of 3 participants who previously did not refer for abortion indicated that in the future, they will refer for abortion when their client requests it.

were “very satisfied” with the way topics were addressed
were “very satisfied” with the information provided by the presenters
were “very satisfied” with the teaching methods and activities
of trainees interviewed post-training reported having shared what they learned with others either inside or outside their workplace


Letter from ED and Board Chair

The work of Provide is the shared work of connecting patients to the care they need and deserve in order to achieve health and well-being across all areas of their lives. This work is held by workers and providers at every level of the institutions with whom we partner. Over 1,300 health and social service providers partnered with Provide this year to enhance their skills on counseling patients and clients facing unintended pregnancy. Hundreds of institutions across nine states have begun to refer patients for abortion care when sought. Together, we connected around our shared value of patient-centered care; connected workers to vital tools, resources and ongoing support; connected women to the care they need and deserve; and connected systems to one another by building linkages and broadening support.

With exciting new partnerships forming and more to pursue, we are grateful for the health and social service providers and institutions opening their doors and sharing their time with our staff. Together, we are building a stronger system of care, one that cares for the whole person, meets people’s needs with dignity and respect, and where workers are given the tools and support to offer the best care to those they serve.

In 2017, we will continue our pursuit to honor people’s worth, including people whose beliefs and choices differ from our own. We call upon ourselves, on health and social service institutions, and on the people who make up these institutions, to do the same through small and large acts that make a difference to those they serve.


In partnership,


Melanie Zurek, ED & Jennifer Marshall Pepper, Board Chair


Connect the Dots

Nearly half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended. Abortion is an incredibly common health care need among U.S. women. According to the latest data, nearly 1 million women obtain an abortion each year. In the clinical sense, the delivery of abortion services is not complicated. Yet for many women, diminishing availability of abortion care can make locating abortion services difficult, and for some, put it completely out of reach with lifelong impact.

Health and social service providers play a vital role connecting these women to the care they need. Provide is a nonprofit that works in partnership with these professionals and their agencies to more comprehensively respond to patients and clients experiencing unintended pregnancy. We offer CEU-eligible professional development training and technical assistance on how to give accurate, informed, and non-judgmental referrals for abortion care when sought.

Our success lies in our connection to you. By opening your doors, committing your time, and bringing your unique knowledge of your clients and practices, we have successfully partnered to build a stronger system of care.


What You Are Saying About Us

Survey and interview answers from 2016

Our Approach

“I really liked the discussion. The people I was in the training with, I learned a lot from them. The trainers made us feel like we were experts, that we weren’t only there to learn from them but also from one another.”

- Health Initiative Coordinator, Oklahoma

were “very satisfied” with the way topics were addressed


were “very satisfied” with the information provided by the presenters


were “very satisfied” with the teaching methods and activities

Our Connection to You

“If I’m passionate for my client, I’m going to look at everything that affects them and figure out what is best for them, do the best I can to put them in a situation where they’re going to be more successful and more healthy. Not just focus on one thing.”

- HIV Counselor, South Carolina

“The training helped me understand that I needed to slow down, listen, and be more empathetic and understanding. We have about 15 minutes with each client; we are rushed. And I think more than anything else the training helped me understand how important it is to give her time, and let her process as much as she can within the limited time we have in clinic, and to give her all the options she has in an unbiased manner.”

- Public health nurse, South Carolina

Tools & Resources

“I feel more comfortable going to a room, if a patient says what are my options, I know what I can offer them or where I can send them.”

- County health department social worker, Tennessee
agreed by the end of the training that “I have the skills and information I need to effectively refer a client with an unintended pregnancy for pregnancy termination if she requests it”

agreed by the end of the training that “I have the skills and information I need to effectively counsel a client with an unintended pregnancy on all her options.”


Increased Capacity

“Before, we referred people to get pregnancy tests outside, but now we have them at the shelter and we can walk them through that if they want.”

- Case Manager, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault shelter, North Carolina

With the launch of our Technical Assistance Program in Q4, 141 technical assistance needs were identified at previously trained workplaces.

What will you do differently in the future as a result of what you learned in our training?

Now Offering CEUs

  • The Association for Addiction Professionals
  • The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
  • Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners
  • Kentucky State Board of Social Work
  • South Carolina Board of Examiners for Licensure of Professional Counselors

New Partnerships

Provide was invited by Maine Family Planning this year to support the significant expansion of their medication abortion program. MFP recognized the need for support and trainings for their staff and community partners as they prepared to launch a telehealth medication abortion program that extended services to nearly 20 clinics throughout the state.

In 2017, Provide will partner with the Colorado Health Foundation to bring our referrals program to three rural county health networks. Throughout the year, we will work to train primary care providers on how to make referrals on the full spectrum of pregnancy options so that women in rural areas are equipped with accurate, medically-based information.

Presentations and Conferences




“Supporting Sexual Assault Advocates in Referring for Unintended Pregnancies,” 2016 National Sexual Assault Conference




“Supporting Domestic Violence Advocates in Making Referrals for Unintended Pregnancies,” Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence


“Bridging the Gaps,” South Carolina HIV, STD and Viral Hepatitis Conference


“Referrals for Unintended Pregnancy: A Curriculum for Health Care and Social Service Providers,” Muscogee-Creek Nation Home Visiting Alliance, Oklahoma


“Referrals for Unintended Pregnancy: A Curriculum for Health Care and Social Service Providers,” Muscogee-Creek Nation Tribal Child and Youth Coalition, Oklahoma


“Increasing Appropriate Referrals for Unintended Pregnancy within Health & Human Services/Title X Sites,” North Carolina Public Health Association New Bern conference


“Referrals for Unintended Pregnancy,” Kentucky School for Alcohol and Other Drug Studies in Louisville


“Referrals for Unintended Pregnancy,” Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs Joint Conference in Lexington


Connect Up

The workers and agencies we partner with strive every day to meet their clients’ needs, whether it’s in a domestic violence shelter, HIV or substance abuse center, family planning clinic, or primary care setting. All of the systems we work with experience time and budget constraints, and often times are supporting a client through a moment of crisis or hardship. Provide understands these environ- ments and has tailored our program to be responsive to individual setting realities. We will meet you where you are to provide your staff with the opportunity to increase client-centered care and build organizational expertise in caring for clients facing unintended pregnancy.

Our Trainings Offer:

  • On-site training with a goal Provide team
  • Continuing education units (where available)
  • Certification of participation
  • A model for effective referral-making that applies beyond abortion
  • Take-away information and resources that help you in your work
  • A detailed training report for site administrators
  • Ongoing customized Technical Assistance

Training Structures Available:

Our training model rests on the knowledge that it takes a team of dedicated, informed professional staff to care for clients and patients. Our approach is efficient and flexible, with options such as:

  • a comprehensive full day, on-site training
  • a half-day, on-site training
  • a tailored training set up in consultation with our teams

Where We Work

Where We Work

  • Current program states:



South Carolina


North Carolina


West Virginia

  • Exploratory work:





  • Special partnerships:



Who We Work With

We partner to integrate abortion referral practices throughout five of the most critical systems of care for woman of reproductive age:

Who We Train

  • health-admins
    Health administration - management & non-management
  • social-workers
    Social workers
  • caseworkers
    Counselors/case workers
  • Client-educators
    Client educators/advocates
  • Physicians
  • advanced-practice-clinicians
    Advanced practice clinicians
  • Registered-Nurses
    Registered Nurses
  • medical-assistants
    Medical assistants


Where workers are given the tools and support to offer the best care to their clients

A case study from North Carolina

Jerry is a social worker dedicated to client-centered care. He was relatively new to his job as Client Care Coordinator for a rape crisis center in North Carolina when he had an opportunity to attend a referrals training. He went in with an open mind. “I was excited because as a case manager I would be making those type of referrals, and those weren’t resources I was as familiar with in the community.”

Jerry said about the training, “I probably have never had that in-depth of a discussion or workshop about abortion, so it was very insightful about different stigmas and how lacking in availability those resources are. It was very enlightening about those types of things. It also gave me tangible resources in my own community that I wasn’t as familiar with. It just made me feel like having that information allows me to do what’s most important for me which is being empathetic and supporting a client in crisis.”

“As a staff, we are already in a very survivor-centered, non-judgmental kind of space, so it was pretty natural for everyone to have that same mindset when it comes to referring people for abortion services. But it wasn’t until the Provide training w
they had all of the correct information.”

Where on-going technical assistance support can help create sustainable change

A case study from Kentucky

With decades of experience as a Registered Nurse in Lexington, Kentucky working at a very busy health clinic that sees up to sixty gynecological patients a day, Mary was quite the trusted advisor. She served for years as the go-to staff member to counsel patients who want to talk about pregnancy options. Over the years, she amassed a great deal of practical knowledge and was worried that upon retirement, the information wouldn’t be passed along.

After our training, she brought to our Kentucky State Coordinators, her version of a resource guide containing all the information she had relating to all-options counseling. She asked for help reviewing and formalizing the guide. Our Technical Assistance Specialist worked with Mary and the Kentucky team on recommendations and revisions specific to that community. The finalized resource guide now lives on an electronic resource library available to staff at the facility, giving them access to the information whenever they need it. Not only has the site reinforced their commitment to accurate, non-judgmental all-options counseling that started with the Provide Referrals Training, but Mary’s hard-earned knowledge and Provide’s up-to-date resource information will continue to enhance patient care long after she retires.

Provide offers onsite partnership to bring about lasting programmatic and operational improvements to patient care through our Technical Assistance Program.

Working in partnership with your site, our Technical Assistance Team can provide:
• Detailed training reports and insights from your team’s training experience

• Consultation on forms and information for patients and staff

• Support for the integration of abortion referral practices at your workplace

• Up-to-date local resource lists

• Trainings for new staff

• Evaluation and recommendations on best practices to include in all-options counseling


2016 Income

  • Grants = $3,084,694
  • Contributions = $160,843
  • Other = $39,351

2016 Expenses

  • Program = $2,771,685
  • Fundraising = $388,295
  • Management = $135,360

2016 Project Spending

  • Referrals = $2,676,159
  • Special Projects = $95,526



Our team is a group of people who care deeply about women and the workers and agencies who serve them. We are people who live in and who love the communities in which we work.

We have the benefit of experience and training in HIV service delivery, substance abuse counseling, domestic violence case management, and safety nets health service. This experience roots us in deep compassion for women and the workers who serve them. It positions us to be highly effective in engaging and supporting these systems.

Provide benefits from a stable and engaged Board of Directors made up of state, national, and global leaders in women’s and community health, including service providers, administrators, policy experts, and advisors.


Provide is grateful for our dedicated individual donors who commit vital general support for our work.

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