The Abortion Care Network is the national association for independent community-based, abortion care providers and their allies. While ACN does not perform clinical inspections, they have rigorous standards for applicants to ensure that they fit their core values of honesty, respect for patients and staff, and a commitment to quality care. is a leading authority on and has acted as an essential resource for the HIV/AIDS community for over 20 years. HIV/AIDS: What You Need to Know is an in-depth article for those recently diagnosed with or interested in learning more about HIV.


The Guttmacher Institute is a leading research and policy organization committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide through an interrelated program of social science research, public education, and policy analysis. Guttmacher produces regularly updated fact sheets that track laws in the U.S., including: state laws and policies; state facts about abortion, unintended pregnancy, and publicly funded family planning services; mandatory counseling, waiting periods, and Medicaid funding for abortion; restricting insurance coverage of abortion; adolescent sexual and reproductive health; and unintended pregnancy in the U.S.

Innovating Education in Reproductive Health (a project of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health) generates, curates, and disseminates free, open-source curricula about sexual and reproductive health, including abortion.


The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of abortion providers in the United States and Canada. NAF member clinics must undergo Quality Assurance and Improvement visits prior to membership and are subjected to further visits by NAF personnel on a regular basis, in addition to inspections by the state licensing agency. NAF members must also adhere to NAF’s clinical standards, including their Ethical Principles for Abortion Care. Patients accessing abortion care at NAF clinics may be eligible for support through NAF.


The National Network of Abortion Funds is a network of over 100 grassroots groups in more than 40 states that help women pay for abortion services.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is a federation of over 90 affiliates that operate 850 health centers across the country. In addition to family planning, many of the affiliates provide abortion services within a range of gestational limits. PPFA clinics are subjected to standards set forth by the organization itself to adhere to the highest quality abortion care according to evidence-based practices. Patients seeking abortions at Planned Parenthood affiliates may be eligible for funding through individual clinic resources.

The Transgender Training Institute provides national training and consulting services that are informed/provided by transgender and non-binary people, for the benefit of transgender and non-binary communities. They work across the US, providing services including: expert facilitation of transgender-related professional development trainings, training of trainers/facilitators (TOTs), ally skill building seminars, climate assessments, online course design, and more.

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