Having well-developed policies and protocols that support pregnancy referrals can provide the following benefits to your workplace:

  • Clear expectations for employees
  • More straightforward about what constitutes a quality referral for abortion, adoption or prenatal care
  • More clarity about when to seek supervision
  • Clear guidance for building and maintaining an up-to-date referral list
  • A concrete way to combat stigma in the workplace
  • Clear guidance around employee training
  • Support to ensure that all clients/patients are receiving the same standard of care

in this download you will find: 

  • A sample policy and protocol for pregnancy related counseling/referrals
  • A 5-step guide for ensuring your agency provides quality referrals for unintended pregnancy
  • A guide on how to develop and implement policies for making pregnancy referrals
  • Templates for conducting reviews of your agency’s referrals by number and employee