Our groundbreaking Client Experience Study confirms that pregnant clients want to know about all their options, including abortion.

Abortion care is so stigmatized that many clients are hesitant to bring it up with their care providers. We surveyed hundreds of pregnant clients in the South and found that they had a more positive counseling experience when they discussed all options with their provider.

Clients also shared with us in interviews that they viewed their provider as more professional and competent when their provider offered to discuss all options without bias or judgment. This was even true for clients who planned to continue their pregnancy.

“I like how she was willing to give me all the information but also understood my choice. We went into conversation about how I felt about it, and she made me feel more comfortable. That’s what I liked about the conversation…her telling me the three options.”

- Family Planning Client
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Our study also found that Black clients in the South are more likely to leave health care clinics without the information they want and need.

Our findings revealed significant racial disparities in pregnancy options counseling and referrals, which highlight the importance of the role that health care and social service providers play in preventing inequities that have damaging consequences. Abortion access is fundamentally a racial justice issue.

Black clients seeking abortion deserve better from our health system. They should be able to get the care they need without stigma, shame, misinformation, unnecessary restrictions, or outside interference.

Our Abortion Referrals Training has a dramatic impact on providers’ willingness and ability to incorporate abortion into their counseling and referral practices.

Professionals who received our training

  • were 3x more likely to discuss abortion with their clients,
  • were 2x as likely to make a referral for abortion, and
  • discussed all options at a rate 4x higher than untrained providers.

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