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The Martin Foundation

Menemsha Family Fund

National Harm Reduction Coalition

The OMA Fund of the Ms. Foundation for Women

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Adele and Willard Gidwitz Family Foundation

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Katherine Bourne and Mark Munger

Richard Brennan

The Dudley/Sieloff Family Fund

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Mary and Kenneth Edlow

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Nancy Leavens

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Marcy Oppenheimer, MD and Joseph Neale

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Psyche Philips and Saad Hasan

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Paula Riggert

Roseman Family Donor Advised Fund

Laura Rosenbury

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Patricia Weisenfeld

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Traci Baird, MPH and Matthew Dalva

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*Ms. Lorinda Hohenbrink

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Rochelle Mains

Jerome Marty

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Frederick Millhiser


Valerie O’Loughlin

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The Richard R. Howe Foundation

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Janet Stein

*Judith Weiss


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*Judith P. Ackerman
Sally Ahnger
**Ms. Randy Albelda
Jovanna Anzaldua
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*Michele Bonnett, JD
Beth A Bordas
*Sharon Breitweiser
Jamarr Brown
Mary Rose Cafiero
**Joyce and Dan Cappiello
Kenneth Clark
Amy E. Crawford
Professor and Mrs. M. Colyer Crum
Josephine DeGive
John M. Dervan
*Sarah Dietrich and Rachel Cohen
*Monica Dostal and Mike Weinstein
Melissa Draut
Dahiana Duarte
*Suzanne Ehlers
Shoshanna Ehrlich
The Emy Family
Marsha Epstein
Vernon H. Fath
Anne Fine
Dennis and Rona Fischman
Rachel Flynn
**Christy and Akira Fujio
Fatimah Gifford
Monika & Patrick Gilliard
girls just wanna have funD, a donor advised fund of Horizons Foundation
Patricia Glowa and Donald Kollisch, MD
Sara Jane Goodman
Grad-Kaimal Family Charitable Fund
Francis Greenburger
*Susan C. Griffith
Loretta Guarino Reid
Susan Hamlin
**Jeanette Helfrich, JD
Toni Henle
Stanley Henshaw, PhD
Scott Herman-Giddens
Susan J. Hessel
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John Hirschi
Denise Holmes
Jackie Horne
Susan and Ed Hume
Lisa Ikemoto
Marvin Karno, M.D.
Elizabeth Kennedy and Paul Spielman
Erika R. Kreutziger
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Amy Matthews
Daphne Mazuz and Clare Tof Miryam
James C. Meadows
Alair Micocci
Mary Eileen Miller
Daniel Morrison
Cory Muldoon
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*Nautilus Fund
*Max Nibert
Kristin and Zachariah Nobel
Patricia Nolan and David Rabkin
Judy Norsigian
Mary Beth Norton
Crystal Norwood
Susan Nussbaum
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Susan Evans Richmond
Mary Rizzo
Mary E. Russell
Chris Schmandt and Kathy Rosenfield Charitable Fund
Linda Schwartz
Dannielle Shaw
Michael Simpson
Judith Ellen Smith
Laura Smith
Mark Smith and Theodore Achacoso
**Alice Stowell
Debra Stulberg, MD and Andrew Howard
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Judy Tatelbaum
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Catherine Walker, CNM MPH
Rebecca Wellisch
Jo Lynne Whiting
*Peggy Wiesenberg
Andrew Williams
Jessica Williamson
*Barbara Wood
Philip Woodbury
Beverly and Stephen Woolf
Joseph Zanini
*Brita Kate Zitin