Michelle Dowell-Vest – Director of Finance & Administration

Michelle Dowell-Vest, Director of Finance and Administration

[email protected]

Michelle Dowell-Vest (she/her) is a seasoned finance, administration, and operations professional with over 25 years of experience in various sectors. She spent most of her career in private sector finance but moved to the nonprofit world six years ago and has recently led the Finance and Administration department of an HIV education association in Washington, DC. Michelle loves creating operational systems that balance both ease for the employee and company efficiency – and she also enjoys building spreadsheets and analyzing data. Michelle prioritizes wellness, balance, self-governing goals, and accountability, and is innately a problem solver, a loyal Pisces, and a fierce advocate.

Michelle is completing her degree in History with a minor in Psychology. She is fascinated with researching the ways history impacts the psychology and generational narratives of a country and plans to research and publish on this topic.  She currently lives in Houston, TX with her wife Teresa and two dogs, August and Langston. In her personal life, Michelle is a painter, writer, student, wife, mother, and Nona. Her favorite way to connect with people is through food. A good meal and riveting conversation are one of her favorite pastimes. She especially loves to sing, spend time in nature, and hug on her seven grandbabies as often as possible.

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