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Provide is a nonprofit organization founded in 1992. We work in partnership with health and social service providers to reduce barriers to care at the intersection of abortion and other stigmatized healthcare by providing training and support, centering marginalized communities where there is demand and decreased access. We envision an equitable sexual and reproductive health system that cares for the whole person with dignity and respect.

We see potential for any individual who cares for people to play a role in ensuring accessible abortion care. By addressing abortion within the context of the full range of people’s needs and our broader values, we help partners make a significant contribution to people’s health and autonomy. Engaging healthcare and social service providers and empowering them with information and skills about abortion is a critical opportunity to improve coordination of care for people seeking abortion.

We have over 30 years of experience working within healthcare and social service systems to support professionals. Our depth of knowledge around introducing difficult topics in the workplace helps us equip workers with the tools and resources needed to offer referrals for unintended pregnancy in their settings. After 10 years of training more than 11,000 providers from over half of the states in the US on stigma-free counseling and referrals for unintended pregnancy and abortion care, we’re bringing our effective best-practices and resources to professionals and organizations nationwide with our FREE virtual trainings.


Nearly half of all U.S. pregnancies are unintended.



women in the US have abortions every year.

Abortion is safe and common, but legal access alone is not enough. We won’t stop until abortion is affordable, widely available, and accessible to anyone who needs it.

And yet, stigma associated with abortion limits the availability of resources and training to health and social service professionals. The same trusted health and social service providers who serve as key connectors to other specialized services often lack the knowledge or skills to help a patient or client who is facing an unintended pregnancy to access abortion. This absence of support creates an unnecessary rupture in coordination of care, which means additional hardship for clients seeking these services, especially those living in rural areas and/or facing other health issues, and negatively affects a patient’s overall experience within their system of care.

That’s where Provide comes in.

Provide works closely with workplaces to customize our training to your needs. Our program is well-received by staff and administrators, and over 95% of participants report being “very satisfied” with all aspects of our training.


That’s where Provide 
comes in.

Provide works closely with workplaces to customize our training to your needs. Despite the sensitivity of the topic, our program is well-liked by staff and administrators, with a participant satisfaction rate of over 90%.


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