How to Listen to What Clients Need: Leads for Empathetic Listening


Validating feelings and seeking understanding are key ingredients to creating a space where clients can discuss their options. Empathetic listening is a respectful way to seek understanding, while also giving the person a chance to clarify the problem. Empathetic listening also helps the person gain self-esteem as they work to find a resolution.

We’ve developed a resource that contains over 30 leads for empathetic listening. Download today for guidance on this communication technique!

This resource will help you:

  • create a space where a person feels safe to ask questions,
  • listen without an agenda,
  • be a person who can be trusted to give accurate information, and
  • use unbiased language to establish an environment free of stigma around pregnancy decisions.

Download this resource to help guide options counseling conversations with pregnant patients and clients.