Make Your Agency a STAR Referral Site in 5 Easy Steps

Photo by Nina Robinson/The Verbatim Agency/Getty Images



Provide’s Technical Assistance Program helps sites adopt practices learned in Referrals Training. We recognize that making changes to employee practices and patient/client access to information takes time, but there are some easy interventions that you can adopt today.


Start using patient/client information on reproductive health options, pregnancy, and abortion in your waiting room. If your patients/clients are informed and know that you are open to walking them through their options, they’ll be more likely to come to you with questions.



Adopt materials for staff – the more tools your staff has on providing compassionate referrals for patients/clients experiencing an unintended pregnancy, the better prepared they will be in handling such cases. Using informational materials, referrals scripts, and templates will aid them in their work.



Ensure that your intake form informs patients/clients about the services you offer and allows them to express their needs. This will help you streamline patients/clients and direct them to staff members who are best suited to answer their questions and counsel them.



Adopt a policy or a process at your agency that ensures that patients/clients continuously obtain the highest quality of care. It can be as easy as adding to your new employee orientation manual and as advanced as instituting agency-wide referrals policy.



Get feedback from your clients! As you implement changes, see if your clients have noticed and ask them to complete short satisfaction surveys. Through these you can see if there are opportunities for more improvements and you can use the data for grant proposals, donor and board reports, and other external communications about your agency.



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