4 Reasons to Give Monthly

Whether you’re a longtime supporter or considering making your first gift to Provide, we invite you to join our community of Provide GEMs! The GEM (Giving Every Month) program is a popular option for donors and our organization alike. Here are the top reasons why. 


1. Monthly giving is easy and convenient. Including your financial commitment to abortion access in your monthly budget is a convenient way to make an impact without a lot of maintenance. Once you set up your recurring contribution, there’s no need to do anything else. Just sit back and watch the impact of your giving grow over time!


2. Sustainable funding adds up to bigger impact: No monthly gift is too small – and many donors find that giving monthly allows them to give more than they originally thought! When you become a GEM for 12 consecutive months, your gift will cover the cost of things like: 

    • $15/month: approximately 3 hours of programming development and outreach (annual gift: $180). 
    • $35/month: approximately 7 hours of programming development and outreach (annual gift: $420). 
    • $50/month: 10 hours of programming development and outreach (annual gift: $600). 
    • $100/month: 21 hours of programming development and outreach (annual gift: $1200). 
    • $250/month: 52 hours of programming development and outreach (annual gift: $3,000)

3. GEMs are stigma-busting champions! As a Provide GEM, you enable us to work across five systems of care while keeping all our quality training and technical assistance free for our community partners. As a result, you increase training opportunities in the most restrictive areas of the country at a time when abortion access is harder than ever. Our model emphasizes the “whole person” needs of patients so that providers can more effectively address gaps in abortion access as it intersects with other stigmatized services, including HIV care and prevention, substance use, and domestic and sexual violence. We keep racial equity at the forefront of everything we do to prioritize access needs for communities most impacted by forces of oppression and criminalization.


4. Stay connected to our community: We want you to know how much we value our GEMs who help us maintain financial stability during slower giving months so we can continue to operate at full speed. That’s why when you give monthly, you’ll receive regular Impact Updates in addition to our quarterly e-newsletter. 



Become a GEM today!

To set up your recurring gift, use our secure online giving form or call (617) 661-1161.