The Crucial Role of Pharmacists in Family Planning

Pharmacists play a crucial role in access to reproductive health services. In many parts of the country, they are the closest local resource for pregnancy tests, condoms, emergency contraception, and prescription medications like misoprostol, and hormonal contraception. Currently, 12 states permit pharmacist-prescribed birth control. In additional states, pharmacists may prescribe and/or dispense hormonal contraceptives under collaborative practice agreements, statewide protocol, or standing orders. These shifts allow patients timely access to a broader range of reproductive health services, in the local setting, by competent and trusted healthcare professionals.


Despite this growing capacity, focused feedback from professionals in the field found no training resources which address making high-quality referrals in the pharmacy setting. In 2020, Provide and Birth Control Pharmacist collaborated to introduce this skillset to pharmacy teams across the country. Meeting Reproductive Health Needs at the Pharmacy is a learning tool that supports the provision of client-centered information and referrals for contraception, emergency contraception, and abortion in the pharmacy.


This program will be available on Wednesday, September 22, 2020 at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST. Register at: Continuing education credits for pharmacy professionals are available, and the program will be shared in a live program, as well as home study. Current trends in the expansion of pharmacy services, alongside broader nationwide limitations such as Title X regulations, and disparities illuminated by COVID-19, make this collaboration and professional development tool both valuable and timely.


A subsequent at-home study course is available for Continuing Pharmacy Education credits. Pharmacy professionals are encouraged to participate and learn skills in reducing stigma in access to reproductive health services.



Birth Control Pharmacist is a nationally recognized expert on improving sexual and reproductive health services at the pharmacy.


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